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The Lab

Our after-school program is a multidisciplinary STEAM, Experiential Entrepreneurship, and Social Emotional Learning Lab that arms youth ages 10-18 with 21st-century social entrepreneurial skills (communications, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity). Programming includes culinary workshops, health & wellness workshops, tutoring, music workshops, visual art workshops, interwoven STEM concepts into art workshops, field trips to local community businesses, and a social justice business development project.

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The Studio

The Studio is a creative, experiential, collaborative four-week program organized for student and teacher development. Students create social-justice business models, learn graphic design, develop personal identities, and participate in fun activities that cultivate skills necessary for stronger academic, life, and leadership development. Teachers are immersed in innovative, out-of-the-box, collaborative experiences that expose them to culturally responsive, project-based, social-emotional learning pedagogy. This is all done in a “lower-stakes” container of summer learning, which supports both professional and personal growth. Upon completion of our program, our teachers and students possess the self-efficacy, social cognition, and 21st-century leadership skills needed for individual success and to positively transform our global community.

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 “The experience at camp helped me with this school year by boosting my social skills. I enjoy talking a lot in school and talking to my friends and getting my energy from them. Camp also helped me with my self-confidence because my gosh do I love myself now, I sometimes feel as though I’m the only one at school who doesn’t really seem to doubt myself, and I think that’s good but people also should know their self-worth.”
Kimberly -15 CTT Student

“Before I came I thought I was going to be very bored every day. I quickly realized that I was wrong I met new people and learned so many new ways of thinking from them. I knew that from the moment I saw some people that I was going to be friends with them. My experience here was better than most other summer schools I have been to because they did not really give me any lessons I would keep with me in my life but this summer camp has given me so much more than I could have asked for.”
-Joshua C. -11 CTT Student